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Prospect Silicon Valley is seeking innovators from around the world to demonstrate technology that makes a difference. We provide:

  • Access to public infrastructure, working space, and resources
  • Assets such as commercial scale facilities, demonstration facilities and equipment, open office space
  • Relationships with potential customers, brand visibility, market entry opportunities in Silicon Valley, collaboration and integration with other emerging technologies, public and private capital sources

Adara Power (formerly JuiceBox Energy) is a Silicon Valley based company that develops advanced energy storage and management systems to meet the growing demand for renewable energy storage. The company delivers innovative clean technologies to its customers in order to reduce both energy costs and CO2 emissions and accelerates the transition to a resilient and reliable grid.


Altitude’s hardware and software are a new leap in technology for buildings and enterprise IOT, automating the way individuals interact with access control and enterprise systems


Arborlight offers the appeal of a skylight with the convenience of a fixture. Real-time, local daylight quality illumination creates a sense of time and connectivity to the outside world while Wi-FI enabled controls allow for convenient, user-defined settings by phone, tablet or computer. Arborlight has released its first product, a 4’x4′ LED based skylight that emulates outdoor conditions as experienced real time. Utilizing advanced LED controls and optics, the company has developed one of the most sophisticated illumination systems on the market to conveniently bring the benefits of daylight to spaces otherwise deprived of natural light. Perfect for high impact spaces to create a sense of connectivity, time and well-being. Daylight Emulation® technology coordinates Arborlight wirelessly with current weather conditions in your specific location real-time. Arborlight reflects the movement of the sun from east to west throughout the day, allowing intensity and directionality to accurately emulate every day of the year. 400 LEDs of custom colors are modulated to match your time of day.


We architect, develop, and implement award-winning Enterprise Geocentric Management Systems for a wide variety of applications such as urban design, asset management, public safety, permitting and inspection, utility networks operations, community engagement, marketing and outreach.


AutoGrid organizes the world’s energy data using Internet scale, secure cloud-computing to process the petabytes of information produced from an increasingly networked and automated grid. AutoGrid employs Big Data analytics to generate real-time predictions and implement programs for electricity generators, providers, grid operators, and their customers to optimize utilization of assets across the grid and manage costs through a comprehensive Energy Data Platform (EDP) Apps built upon EDP are powered by forecasting and optimization engines and manage functions such as:

End-to-end Demand Response with our Demand Response Optimization & Management System (DROMS)
Residential Demand Response capabilities incorporated into Schneider Electric’s Wiser product
Peak Charge Management for facilities with Energy Cost Optimizer (ECO), an app co-developed with NTT DATA
Revenue Assurance (more information available upon request)


Imagine a scenario where you are standing in front of your EV in the morning, ready to go to work. But you realize that you forgot to plug in the vehicle the night before. At this point this expensive car is simply a block of steel for you. You are going to have to call a cab to get to work. Imagine the same scenario but this time with ConnectMyEV’s automated charger installed in your garage. This charger would have connected your car to the power supply last night as you were walking away from the car. ConnectMyEV has developed a conductive hands-free charging solution for EVs and PHEVs which seamlessly connects the vehicle to the power supply while the driver walks away, no different than parking a gasoline car.

ConnectMyEV’s solution is a conductive approach and produces no magnetic field, adheres to traditional electrical safety protocols, offers near 100% efficiency and wide (40cm x 40cm) parking tolerance. Moreover, it’s the only hands free technology for high powered EVs and DC fast charging. ConnectMyEV’s partnership with ProspectSV allows ConnectMyEV to access to public infrastructure, working space as well as it provides relationships with potential customers, market entry opportunities in Silicon Valley, collaboration and integration with other emerging technologies, public and private capital sources. ConnectMyEV is also known by its former name, Green Dot.


Our Patented EASCOR technology embraces hybrid lighting with a holistic approach, providing blended, balanced daylight and daylight spectrum light, harvested by our “Daylight Arrays TM”, through a variety of aesthetically pleasing proprietary light fixtures. We have merged the best of diverse technologies together with smart systems integration. The result is scalable, cost-effective commercialization, not typically accomplished by any one technology alone. Our autonomous Lighting Energy Ecosystem is ideally suited for commercial, industrial and institutional interior spaces, including commercial office, retail, government and educational facilities. We also provide renewable lighting energy solutions for a variety of specialized Street Lighting, Algae, Biofuel and Horticulture applications. Several studies have shown that natural lighting offers a multitude of benefits when delivered indoors, including increased productivity and reduced stress level for building occupants. Accelerating population shifts toward urbanization and the consequential increasing demand for electricity in cities around the world are driving the necessity of a universal quest for energy conservation. EASCOR is developing a production capacity blueprint and a regulatory compliance initiative to serve the needs of the national and international marketplace. EASCOR technology targets to reduce 90% of all lighting cost, in new construction buildings and parking lots, including retrofits, by replacing current conventional lighting, with our Solar Hybrid Lighting system, utilizing the complete suite of EASCOR components. Other advantages for our hybrid lighting technology include:

An immediate 70% savings by simply replacing current lights with our super-efficient/smart LED luminaries;
One third the time for installation/material and cost, compared to traditional lighting systems in new construction, and no need for an emergency back-up generators;
Greatly lowered ongoing maintenance costs due to the quality of our Solar/LED lighting fixtures;
EASCOR lighting fixtures are connected via DC low voltage Ethernet cables (a new technology developed by EASCOR);
All the benefits of natural daylight when our “Daylight Arrays TM” are deployed.


Geli provides software and business solutions to design, connect, and operate energy storage and microgrid systems. Geli’s suite of products creates an ecosystem where project developers, OEMs, financiers, and project operators can deploy advanced energy projects using a seamless hardware-agnostic software platform. Geli ESyst is an online design tool for the analysis and design of energy storage and microgrids. Geli EOS, short for Energy Operating System, is a software platform that allows for advanced functionality of any OEM equipment via Geli Energy Apps & Geli Energy Drivers. Geli GENI, which stands for Global Energy Network Interface, is the portal through which systems are monitored for performance and can be aggregated for virtual power-plant services.


Keewi Solutions Inc. creates products that track the energy usage of commercial buildings and tailors consumption to their demand through their mobile device and web browser. Individual users are incentivized to lower their own consumption through Keewi’s mobile application, which engages the user and promotes energy-efficiency.


MetroTech aggregates real-time traffic data from silo-ed sources, applies analytics, and publishes actionable information. Delivered from the cloud, traffic Big Data is analyzed and published via API’s to mobile or web applications and Connected Cars, and to multiple customers and audiences. MetroTech looks forward to working with ProspectSV because of their focus on and dedication to emerging technology companies. Additionally, benefits such as access to potential customers & partners and increased market visibility is another reason to work in conjunction with ProspectSV. Overall, ProspectSV shares a focus with MetroTech in shaping our cities for the future while having access to the resources to make this change possible.


Glide is Mogol’s route aware fuel economy system. Instead of changing the mechanics of a vehicle, Glide changes how it is driven. Knowing the route the vehicle is going to drive, Glide predictively adjusts the vehicle acceleration and speed for better fuel economy. It uses multiple data sources to strategically determine the best way to drive. Glide may be integrated into a vehicle’s adaptive cruise control and navigation with a software update – no mechanical changes required.


Nelumbo develops and deploys advanced materials to solve energy problems. Nelumbo’s coating products OmniphobeTM and Ice-NeinTM improve energy efficiency and reduce equipment downtime for commercial Air Conditioning and Refrigeration equipment, providing savings to sectors including supermarkets, data centers, and retail.


PowerHydrant is an early stage startup focused on applying the “smart phone dividend” to deliver 3D sensor based conductive autonomous fast-charging for Autonomous Vehicles and eMobility. Based in Boston’s Innovation District and now in San Jose, PowerHydrant is a member of the MIT Startup Exchange and part of Autodesk’s inaugural Startups in Residence (STIR) group. We are Participants in the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) Infrastructure Working Council and we are regular contributor to Imaging Cafe and Boston Imaging and Video. We recently won a “companies to action” award to disruptive startups from Frost and Sullivan. Since PowerHydrant is heavy-duty and conductive, it can support the highest Power Transfer levels (class 1 Megawatt) including UltraCap Charge transfer.


Quanergy is a privately-held, Silicon-Valley-based technology company developing smart sensing solutions for real-time 3D mapping and object detection, tracking, and classification. Quanergy is the leading manufacturer of automotive grade 3D time-of-flight LiDAR sensors designed from the ground up to meet all four key commercialization criteria: Cost, Performance, Reliability, and Size. Quanergy’s innovations, covered by 20 patent applications, address the needs in various markets for 3D LiDAR sensors and LiDAR-based sensing systems. Key markets include passenger vehicles, corporate / commercial / municipal fleets, digital mapping fleets, and military vehicles.


RealAug’s focus is on providing pavement and road signal inspection with incident mapping for smart cities and road transport data navigation networks. RealAug is developing city road inspection services that use the latest in video, geo-location and communication transmission technologies to: diminish the cost of proactive road inspection, and increase the speed of road repair intervention, thus decreasing costs due to untimely repairs. RealAug technology includes aggregating video, software, object recognition, computational imaging, feature search and data dissemination.


RSM is a technology company that is dedicated to creating an Interconnected Urban Landscape (IUL) where we can all move freely, quickly, safely and with ease. RSM is laying a strong foundation for the next generation of the Internet of Things enabling us to instantly connect with our surroundings as we travel. RSM facilitates movement, in and around cities with their powerful software platform Simon, enabling public and private enterprises (PPEs) to integrate seamlessly into the larger smart city landscape. Using patented fuzzy intelligent logic for dynamic junction management, Simon can manage and optimize traffic flow connecting all aspects of a city under one platform to cohesively thrive together. The dream of a better city is one step closer through the initiative of Prospect Silicon Valley. Thanks to their hard work they have provided the structure necessary for companies to deploy revolutionary new products that can positively change the future of our cities and how we navigate through them.


By collecting data from tiny embedded sensors, the kind found in everything from smartphones to GPS devices, Sensitel’s solutions allow cities, transport services providers and automotive OEMs to garner insights into parts of their business they rarely could before. Logistics service providers, for instance, use Sensitel’s TrackAware solution to track over 1,000,000 shipments and ensure on-time delivery. Cities, meanwhile, can leverage Sensitel’s Staffcaster tool to identify which parts of their downtown are most populated, and then position their city’s resources accordingly.


SHARC International Systems Inc. dba SHARC Energy Systems is a world leader in wastewater heat recovery technology. SHARC designs and develops renewable energy systems that extract thermal energy from wastewater, generating the most energy efficient and economical systems for heating, cooling & hot water for commercial, residential and industrial buildings. The business was founded in 2010 in Vancouver, B.C. by a team of technical and engineering professionals with over 100 years of combined experience in the heating, ventilating and geo-exchange industries. SHARC has successfully delivered thermal recovery solutions across Canada, USA, UK and Australia.


Signal Labs, based in San Francisco, has reinvented the traffic sign. Our patent pending software warns drivers of upcoming hazard, such as dangerous intersections, unofficial pedestrian crossings, two-way stop signs and dozens of other unseen risks. We use statistical models and both public and proprietary data to inform drivers when they are at risk. Our product is primarily sold to fleet customers and distributed as a smartphone app. Signal Labs was started after we lost a friend in a car crash, when he missed an unmarked turn. Today, our vision is to eliminate the traffic accident.


Based out of Sunnyvale, CA, Software Motor Corporation uses technologies to dramatically improve the efficiency of electric motors. Controlled by Digital Signal Processors, SMC’s improvements can reduce electrical energy consumption by 25% or more, depending on the application. Compared with existing solutions, their motor system is less expensive, more durable, more efficient and fault-tolerant. SMC is currently in the process of installing its solutions in pilot locations of organizations that have the potential to roll out the solution on a greater scale.


Swiftly makes data-driven software applications that improve urban mobility. For residents, the Swiftly mobile app finds the fastest and most affordable ways to get around town by analyzing real-time multi-modal information. For governments, Swiftly provides software tools that help cities and transit agencies improve operational efficiency, make smarter investments, and better engage riders. The company is based in San Francisco, CA, and more information can be found at goswift.ly and on Twitter @SwiftlyInc.


SwiftMile is an innovative “first and last-mile” solution to public commuting. They are creating solar powered charging stations for “PETs” (Portable Electric Transporters) that help reduce congestion and smog while making public transit, carpooling, ridesharing and carsharing a lot more practical. More importantly though, they provide a high ROLE score for users: Return On Life Enjoyment for everyday commuters.


Thomson Power provides innovative technology products that dramatically improve the performance and efficiency of electric (EV) and hybrid (HEV) drives in commercial transport vehicles including buses, coaches, trucks and delivery vans using an adaptive engine management controller. Migration from Diesel to Electric power is a rapidly growing business driven by social policy and econometric benefits. Eliminating range anxiety, meeting performance metrics and reducing cost with deployment of EV powered transport are the most important things we heard from the Industry. Our innovative solutions help achieve that goal!

Our vision is to accelerate the adoption of EV powered transport, contribute to more livable cities and grow the business into a market leader. We chose Prospect Silicon Valley to complete our prototypes and demonstration activities because we believe the leadership share a common vision with us: To demonstrate the next generation of technology.


Viking’s Phase Change Material (PCM) Thermal Energy Storage Cells and control system allow existing industrial freezer refrigeration equipment to more efficiently extract heat. The system reduces electricity consumption, shifts significant demand and load to off-peak periods and provides temperature stability over extended periods of time while reducing or eliminating equipment runtime.


VisualThreat is a Silicon Valley startup, leveraging the founders’ extensive backgrounds in computer and network security solutions. VisualThreat has helped OEMs and tier 1 providers enhance security functions inside telematics units, TSP cloud platforms and auto mobile apps. The company has developed advanced Cybersecurity Tools (Auto-X) to help manufacturers quickly find cyber vulnerabilities in their products. And, VisualThreat offers a multi-tier solution for addressing connected vehicle security we define as FUSE, which includes the following key elements:

F – Firewall (minimize penetration from cyber attacks)
U – Umbrella Security Policy
S – Security Over-The-Air
E – Event Intelligence


WaterSource Technologies is solely dedicated to the conservation of the most precious resource on earth – our water. Worldwide studies show that up to 30% of all potable water is lost due to infrastructure and plumbing leaks in housing, industry, and agriculture. These leaks lead to water shortages, property damage, environmental issues, mold, litigation, and the overall high cost of ownership. Current technologies for water leak detection are ineffective and can only find the leak after significant damage has already occurred.

WaterSource Technologies recognizes these critical issues and has conducted extensive research to find a solution to this problem with apartment building and hotel owners as well as insurers and government entities. The result is suitable for apartment and multi-family buildings, hotels, resorts, sports complexes, department stores, government/military complexes, and factories.


ZERE Energy and Biofuels, Inc. formerly Clean EnGen Group, LLC, was formed in 2008. ZERE has been awarded 3 patents and filed for 2 more.

Prior to ZERE’s solid fuel chemical looping innovation to generate energy, ZERE’s founders have deep experience in the energy field managing all sides of the power generation business including gas turbine, natural gas, and alternative energy. ZERE has been awarded nearly 1 million dollars from the California Energy Commission (Energy Commission) to demonstrate a fuel flexible combined heat and power (CHP) system and has chosen to use Prospect Silicon Valley and its resources to develop the pilot scale unit to validate their technology.


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