ProspectSV & VTA to Pilot Electric Bus Energy Management and Grid Services

We’re celebrating the announcement that the CEC has awarded $2 million dollars to fund the Vehicle Grid Integration project! Prospect Silicon Valley will be working with the Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) to convert their buses to an electric fleet as well as reduce charging costs of electric buses, minimize the impact of bus charging on the grid, and integrate commercial fleet management tools. This will result in the first fully integrated energy management in a heavy-duty fleet and will be a pivotal project in reaching the state of California’s goal of 1.5 million zero emission vehicle by the year 2025. Industry partners include Proterra, Kisensum, The U.S. Department of Energy’s Renewable Energy Lab (NREL), Cisco Systems, CALSTART, Energy Solutions, EV Alliance, and NOVA Workforce Development.

Read the full-length press release here: VTA-VGI Anncmt Press Release

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