Welcome Keewi

Keewi has joined the client roster at Prospect Silicon Valley! Their technology is the perfect candidate for our commercialization support – it’s a demand plug load product that can increase energy efficiency in buildings. We will be working together to achieve a common goal towards sustainability and data driven technology for buildings.

The Nitty Gritty
Keewi is a comprehensive platform for achieving maximum plug load (devices plugged into the wall) energy efficiency in buildings. Plug loads currently can make up 40-60% of a building’s total energy consumption and cost California over $400M annually, which has an environmental impact of 700,000 metric tons CO2 emissions annually (~140,000 cars each year). Keewi allows utilities, building administrators, and occupants to work together towards a common data driven goal.

Keewi Solutions Inc. creates products that track the energy usage of commercial buildings and tailors consumption to their demand through their mobile device and web browser. Individual users are incentivized to lower their own consumption through Keewi’s mobile application, which engages the user and promotes energy-efficiency.

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