Whole Foods Microgrid

For technology developers of microgrid solutions or distributed energy resources (DERs), this is a great opportunity to have your solution considered for deployment in a Whole Foods Market product distribution center in California. This will be a highly visible demonstration project with potential follow-on deployment opportunities. ProspectSV is seeking innovative energy solutions for microgrid infrastructure technologies, software platforms, DERs and building-level systems (see below for details).

The proposed project site is a 118,000 square-foot refrigerated distribution facility on a 10-acre lot. The site recently installed a 600 kilowatt PV system. Energy usage at the site is approximately 3.2 Million kWh annually and with typical monthly demand in the 500-650 kW range. 

Microgrid infrastructure technologies that enable:

  • Preferred platforms and products will provide simplified (ideally off-the-shelf) integration between existing & new DERs, the Building Management Systems (BMS), and the grid signals using recognized industry protocols for communication and security.
  • Overall goal of this system will also provide analytics/controls/intelligence for:
    • operational resiliency through grid islanding/reconnection, relaying and protection, and power quality corrections
    • direct financial benefits of demand forecasting, electric rate optimization, and scheduling
    • grid-level services such as voltage and frequency regulation

Distributed Energy Resources such as:

  • On-site generation (excluding PV panels)
  • On-site electricity storage
  • Thermal storage technologies – especially related to refrigeration

Building-level systems (tertiary emphasis) such as:

  • DC-side building technologies
  • Energy Efficiency technologies – especially related to refrigeration


June 2017 Release and distribution of RFI
July 31, 2017 Deadline for submissions
August & September Interviews & follow-up (as necessary)
October 2017 Finalist Notification
Q4 2018 Estimated Construction

The submission deadline has passed. Please check back soon for project updates!

Link to Submit an Application: http://bit.ly/2thxznH

If you would like details on the Review Process and more info, please look at the PDF here: Whole Foods Microgrid

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