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OESA 2020 3Q Mobility Supplier Forum

Thursday, July 30, 2020, at 10:00am (PST)

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Original Equipment Suppliers Association (OESA) has partnered with Prospect Silicon Valley to host a virtual “Mobility Supplier Forum” on July 30, 2020, at 10:00am (PST).
First, enjoy a presentation from Satyajit Patwardhan, the CEO of ConnectMyEv Inc., who will explain the conductive hands-free charging technology his company has made for EVs and PHEVs.
Then, hear from Brian Burkhard, Global Technology Leader at Jacobs, as he discusses the insights of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), Smart Cities Solutions, and Connected and Automated Vehicles (CAV).
Next, learn from Timothy Menard, the founder and CEO of LYT, who is responsible for creating a technology that manages vehicle and infrastructure information exchange to perform real-time optimizations of traffic lights.

● Participants Dial/Log-In to Zoom
● Welcome and Introductions
Steve Horaney, Vice President, Membership & Sales, OESA
Doug Davenport, Founder, Executive Director, Prospect Silicon Valley
● Startup Pitch
Satyajit Patwardhan, CEO, ConnectMyEv Inc.
● Keynote Speaker
Brian Burkhard, Global Technology Leader, Jacobs
● Startup Pitch
Timothy Menard, Founder, CEO, LYT
● Keynote Speaker
● Startup Pitch
● Wrap-UP
Brian Daugherty, Chief Technology Officer, MEMA

Upcoming Partner Events


3/11/2020 – OESA 2020 The Mobility Web: Joining Forces to Build the Future

One of our partners, The Original Equipment Suppliers Association (OESA), had joined with the Center for Automotive Research to host the 1Q 2020 Mobility Supplier forum: The Mobility Web: Joining Forces to Build the Future. Auto industry experts, community leaders, and start-up companies  discussed how they are working together to build the future of the mobility and automotive industry.

3/10/2020 – Climate Smart Transportation

Prospect Silicon Valley (ProspectSV) and the San Francisco Bay Area Planning and Urban Research Association (SPUR) cohosted the Climate Smart Transportation webinar.

In this webinar, a panel of experts discussed innovative projects and pilots such as VTA’s Advanced Transit Bus Project (smart charging of their electric bus fleet), the Palo Alto Mobility-on-Demand Project (commuter incentives for non-single occupancy vehicle trips), and a unique traffic signal prioritization pilot that recently kicked off in San Jose.

2/26 – 2/27 Getting to LEED Zero Energy and LEED Zero Carbon Workshops

U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) held two, 3 CE hours (LEED-specific BD+C and O+M) LEED Zero workshops.

LEED Zero provides a framework for building projects to transition from leadership in design to leadership in performance. It will expand the verification life-cycle of high performing buildings.

While the workshop focused on energy and carbon, it briefly introduced LEED Zero Waste.

2/26/2020 – Advanced Transit Bus – Phase 1 Findings Webinar

The Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) has partnered with several organizations (including Prospect Silicon Valley) to create the Advanced Transit Bus Vehicle-Grid Integration (VGI) Project. This project was supported in part by the California Energy Commission (CEC).

Additionally, the Antelope Valley Transportation Authority (AVTA) and its partners have been working on a California E-Bus to Grid Integration Project.

Both teams shared their phase 1 findings via Webinar.

2/25/2020 SF Energy Fair

The City of San Francisco held a free Energy Fair where ProspectSV’s CEC grant-funded project, named MarketZero was featured. Guests learned how to make their homes more resilient, how to access 100% renewable electricity, and how to switch off of natural gas.

2/6/2020 – Annual State of Local Manufacturing Breakfast 

In celebration of the new partnership between Mayor Liccardo, the City of San Jose and the Bay Area Urban Manufacturing Initiative, Manufacture: San Jose held their First Annual State of Local Manufacturing Breakfast at Il Fornaio in San Jose on Thursday, February 6th, 2020.

They explored how San Jose’s vibrant manufacturing sector is driving the city’s economic prowess.

1/26/2020 – Cleantech Forum San Francisco

The 2020 Cleantech Forum’s theme was: Welcome to the Chaos of the 2020s: Urgent Actions, Unusual Strategies, Unexpected Allies. This event discussed new and innovative solutions to our pressing climate crisis.

12/5/19 – Silicon Valley Manufacturing Roundtable

Manufacture: San Jose hosted their roundtable along with SAGE, the City of San Jose’s Office of Economic Development and various food and beverage manufacturers from the area.

12/3/19 – Manufacturing Sustainably: A Guide for Manufacturers

Led by Christopher Demers, sustainability advisor at Super Micro Computer Co. and advisor with Manufacture: San Jose.

This workshop explained how to build cost-effective sustainable business practices that add brand value, exhibit return on investment, and use risked-based approaches.

Q4 ACES Networking Event Series

October 16th and November 19th

#1 Enabling Technology for Safer Roadways:
In our first event discussed how how vehicle-based and infrastructure-based sensors and software can increase roadway safety by detecting road users (cars, micromobility users, pedestrians) and respond appropriately.

#2 Enabling Mobility on Demand and Mobility as a Service:
For our second event we discussed what kind of technologies would contribute to a seamless mobility future. We also observed how Palo Alto MOD Commuting Demonstration tackled integration of intermodal trip panning, commuter benefits, and behavior change software platforms

11/7/19 – How Public Policy Can Improve Your Commute

This meetings discussed the various ways to decrease congestion and improve commutes in the Bay Area without building expensive new roads and infrastructure.

11/5 – 11/6 Podcar City 2019

This year’s conference featured an exceptional range of speakers and sessions on cutting-edge developments in advanced transit. It focused on cities and their urgent need on making a reality of new modes of public, automated transportation through technology, planning and business opportunities.

10/25/19 Climathon 2019

 As part of Global Climathon Day, Climate-KIC gathered a dedicated group of hackers, doers, scientists and citizens to join their peers around the world. to devise solutions for climate change.

10/23 – 10/24 Cleantech Open West Awards & Innovation Showcase

The Cleantech Open West Awards & Innovation Showcase was the culmination of a seven-month cleantech accelerator program. The event brought together an audience of cleantech entrepreneurs, investors, corporate sponsors, and university and government partners to showcase and award the best of the region’s early-stage cleantech ventures.

10/22 – 10/24 VERGE – 2019 Oakland, CA

Accelerate at VERGE 19 was a fast-pitch competition featuring entrepreneurs with innovative technologies, products, and services related to at least one of the following: energy, transportation, circular economy or carbon removal.

10/14/19 Silicon Valley Reinvents the Wheel

The 5th Annual automotive technology conference, Silicon Valley Reinvents the Wheel (SVRtW) took place at the Computer History Museum, in Mountain View. Over 300 technologists and journalists had front-row seats to the hottest deep-dive brain dump from a showstopper roster of presenters.

10/9-10/11 – Getting to Zero Forum – Oakland, CA

The 2019 Getting to Zero Forum was a solutions-focused event dedicated to zero energy and zero carbon buildings. The 2019 Forum brought together 550+ leading policymakers, design professionals, building owners, systems manufacturers, commercial real estate representatives and others working to define a new energy future for the built environment.

10/1 – 10/3  2019 – EVs and the Grid – Los Angeles, CA

Infocast’s 5th edition of EVs & the Grid – This event shared shared lessons learned, best practices, and next steps from utilities with mature EV incentives. Innovative OEMs showcased the latest technological developments for light, medium, and heavy-duty vehicles. and expert consultants provided energy management strategies for electric fleet owners and property developers.

9/17/19 – M:bility – San Jose Marriott

Boston Consulting Group’s Justin Rose and a panel of leading experts provided insight into the future of mobility in Silicon Valley.

Ruth Cox, CEO, Prospect Silicon Valley
Carol Kuester, Director of Electronic Payments and Systems at Metropolitan Transportation Commission
Jill North, Innovation Manager, City of San Jose

9/10/19 – V2X Americas Conference & Expo

V2X Americas is unique – it is focused on the digital infrastructure required for next generation connected vehicles and autonomous transportation — the high capacity, low-latency connectivity, computing, operating systems and innovation for vehicle-to-vehicle, vehicle-to-infrastructure and vehicle-to-cloud applications.

7/25/19 – GreenerBuilder Conference

GreenerBuilder is the premier education and engagement opportunity for leaders and advocates in the Pacific region who are passionate about the future of healthy, sustainable buildings. This annual event unites all the key players in greening the built environment – including architects, engineers and contractors – to discuss industry trends, new research and emerging technologies. GreenerBuilder is where you can find the strategies and tools to help create a more sustainable future.

6/19/19 – Innovation & Impact Symposium

Thank you to everyone who attended the 2019 Innovation and Impact Symposium. Many thanks to our panelists, moderators, and keynote speakers, whose contributions made the symposium a success! www.innovationandimpact.com

View our Flickr album here:

Innovation & Impact Symposium 2019

3/12/19 – ACES Network Event – “The Real World: Where Government and AVs Intersect”

Our ACES Network event included presentations from the DMV, CPUC and the City of San José. The presentations ranged from AV related policies and regulations to what it’s really like when you’re trying to deploy.

2/25/19 – Storage Week Summit

Storage Week 2019 is the global business hub driving the development and finance of energy storage projects. This year they took a deep dive into structuring both standalone and co-located storage projects, and assess the opportunities emerging via state targets, new rules in organized markets and the needs of new customer classes. 

1/29/19 – Cleantech Forum

The year’s forum was Diversity of Thought: Harnessing the Power of Difference. Attendees heard leaders in innovation and seasoned experts in technology discuss challenges and opportunities in sectors such as distributed energy resources, robotics, blockchain, AI and other potential solutions to our biggest problems.

1/29/19 – Cleantech Open Global Forum 2019

The Global Forum showcased 100 startups driving innovation in environmental and sustainable technologies in areas ranging from energy, agriculture, water, transportation, and smart cities. 

12/14/18 – “Hack the Bay Area”

Our partner EIT Digital put on “Hack the Bay Area,” a traffic congestion hackathon where teams brainstormed solutions. This all-weekend event was held at Prospect Silicon Valley with $9,000.00 in awards from the prize pool.

10/24/18 – SPUR “Leading the Charge of EV Buses” (San Jose, CA)

Once numerous car models went electric, it was only a matter of time before buses followed suit. Now, public transportation agencies around the Bay Area are taking bold new steps to electrify their fleets, create new systems to manage electric vehicle (EV) charging and make sure that the bus is at the center of our mobility options. 

10/14/18 – VERGE 18 (Oakland, CA)

ProspectSV CEO, Ruth Cox, will be moderating the Autonomous Vehicle panel at VERGE 18. If you’re attending the event, be sure to stop by and listen to the discussion. Panelists include: Gary Miskell, Rick Azer, Ray Traynor and Randell Iwasaki.

10/12/18 – EVs and the Grid (Long Beach, CA)

9/26/18 – Smart Cities, Vehicles and Buildings of the Future (San Jose, CA)

Why Data Centers are a Critical Component of Smart Cities

A variety of technologies – from connected cars, to smart buildings, and advanced sensor networks – are being used by enterprises and cities to make existing infrastructure smarter. The data collected from these connected “things” help provide more responsive services, create new business and delivery models, and improve user satisfaction. These smart infrastructure applications increasingly rely on data centers to operate as close to the users as possible. 

8/27/18 – California Adaptation Forum (Sacramento, CA)

8/1/18 – GreenerBuilder (UCSF, San Francisco, CA)

5/31/18 – Innovation and Impact Symposium

Thanks again for attending the 2018 Innovation and Impact Symposium. We hope you enjoyed the panels, made some good connections and had a blast!

A few reminders:
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-The Event Team @ ProspectSV

5/3/18 – NREL Industry Growth Forum 

NREL’s Industry Growth Forum is the perfect venue for growing companies to prepare, refine, and present their businesses to a wide range of investors. Entrepreneurial companies ranging from university and laboratory spinouts to commercially ready clean technologies from across the globe apply to present at the Forum.

3/20/18 – Water Conservation Showcase


2/21/18 – Q1 Networking Event: Buildings and Energy Efficiency

Prospect Silicon Valley, Carnegie Mellon University’s Scott Institute for Energy Innovation, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab’s Energy Technologies Area, and the Northern California community of the US Green Building Council sponsored this event: Driving Innovation, Efficiency, and Performance in the Built Environment. We discussed technologies under development and how these hardware and software solutions can be deployed in pilots or limited deployments to demonstrate their ability to have a material impact on energy performance or clean power generation and consumption in the built environment.

12/12/17 – Greentech Media: US Energy Storage Summit

The U.S. Energy Storage Summit brought together utilities, financiers, regulators, technology innovators, and storage practitioners for two full days of data-intensive presentations, analyst-led panel sessions with industry leaders, and extensive, high-level networking.

12/6/17 – CiConnect California Israeli Business Summit

CiConnect is an annual International Business Summit which connects the Silicon Valley corporates and policy makers with innovative Israeli startups and technologies. The summit featured a day long program of keynote sessions, panel discussions, one-on-one meetings, startup presentations, most innovative startup award, and VIP cocktail reception.

12/5/17 – No Drop Left Behind: Smart & Sustainable Water Strategies

Collaborate to tackle water reuse challenges at Sustainable Silicon Valley’s 4th water symposium – No Drop Left Behind: Smart and Sustainable Water Strategies on Dec 5th at Microsoft, Silicon Valley. The event brought together Bay Area water experts, agencies and tech companies providing 225 attendees exposure to innovative ideas and access to renowned water leaders.

11/30/17 – Sustainable Silicon Valley “Partners & Landlords Workshop”

Event focus: Convene partners and landlords together to finalize the list of services and terms of the program. The City of San José is partnering with the nonprofit, Sustainable Silicon Valley (SSV), on their local City Energy Project work to increase multifamily housing participation in energy efficiency and upgrade resource programs.

11/29/17 – Q4 Networking Event Autonomous Vehicles in the Public and Private Sectors

As autonomous and connected vehicle programs are starting to roll out, both public and private sector organizations are active and collaborating to address the opportunities and challenges. ProspectSV is involved in a number of projects with our public and private sector partners that exemplify the latest in market trends and technologies. 

11/14/17 – Bay Area Battery Summit

The Bay Area Battery Summit brings together technologists and entrepreneurs who are driving innovation in energy storage. The California Clean Energy Fund’s CalCharge program and Lawrence Livermore National Lab have teamed up to bring together an event that will add in depth conversations about many of the important themes across the storage space.

11/9/17 – Peninsula Advanced Energy Community (PAEC) Workshop

What are local resources and financial incentives available to make your building more efficient, comfortable and high performing? How can new technologies related to solar, storage and energy efficiency make your building more attractive in the market?

11/7/17 – Greentech Media: US Power and Renewables Summit

10/26/17 –  Optis Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

10/26/17 – Sustainable Silicon Valley “Landlords Workshop”

10/17/17 – CleantechOpen Western Region Awards

CTO held their Awards & Showcase at the Fremont Marriott Silicon Valley, across from the Tesla plant in Fremont.

10/13/17 –  Microgrid Quarterly Networking Event

Prospect Silicon Valley had their Quarterly Networking Event on October 13th, 2017 where they explored the energy impacts of electrified transportation systems and the role of microgrids. The audience heard from the leading cleantech research and consulting firm, Navigant, about the current state of the market for microgrids and the evolving power requirements.

10/9-10/10/17 – Auto Tech R&D Summit

Automakers are making some big bets on the future: data, services, mobility, automation… tapping into innovation like never before as the race to define the auto landscape for the decades to come intensifies. Auto Tech R&D Summit 2017 (formerly Telematics West Coast) is the key forum for West Coast connected car and auto tech execs; bringing together over 200 experts to network and identify the crucial partnerships and the R&D innovations that will unlock the auto business models of tomorrow.

10/9/17 – Silicon Valley Reinvents the Wheel

The event featured engaging discussions on topics including next-generation powertrains and fuels, 21st Century automotive ownership, HMI, deep learning, connected and self-driving technology.

9/22/17 – Verge

More than 1,500 leaders from the world’s largest companies, most innovative startups and progressive government agencies explored the latest technologies, tools and trends accelerating the clean economy.

9/18/17 – ITS Annual Conference

The Intelligent Transportation Society of California (ITS California) had their Annual California Conference which brought together transportation specialists from government, industry, and academic organizations. They exchanged ideas, solutions and success stories on a number of topics relevant in today’s fast growing transportation technology industry.

9/13/17 – Civic & Gov Tech Showcase

The Civic & Gov Tech Showcase connected civic minded entrepreneurs, potential investors, and government leaders to showcase the great work that is being done to improve government and governance. The goal of the event was to encourage collaboration and the support of new technologies to improve government and public participation.

8/8/17 OESA “Mobility Supplier Forum”

The Original Equipment Suppliers Association (OESA) hosted the third quarter 2017 “Mobility Supplier Forum” at Futuris Automotive in Newark, California. This series of meetings is intended to help automotive suppliers advance their business interests as they relate to connected and transformative technologies.

7/27/17 “IoT Impact and Security” Meetup

Have you ever wondered if IoT devices have a future beyond the geeky tech?  Are you curious about  IoT offerings that can be rolled out across large markets? This event brought together three entrepreneurs/experts and spoke about their IoT impact journey.

7/10/17 “RideCell Car /Ride Sharing Platform” SAE Meetup 

RideCell’s CEO delivered a presentation about his company’s innovative ride-sharing and car-sharing platform, currently used by BMW’s ReachNow program. (http://ridecell.com)

6/14/17 – Innovation & Impact Symposium

Located at the Microsoft Conference Center in Mountain View, this event featured the region’s leaders from the startup, corporate, public and research communities to examine what it takes to integrate and implement innovative distributed solutions for maximum impact. With a keynote presentation on “Innovation” by Steve Westly, the event also featured speakers from Tesla, Microsoft, Integral Group, Navigant Research, and SoCal Edision. Formerly the Connected and Charged Symposium, the event built on its history as the premiere forum for connected transportation, mobility and electrification. Starting this year, the scope of this forum expanded to recognize the convergence and interdependence of connected and charged mobility with advances in energy and building technologies.

View our Flickr Album here:Innovation & Impact Symposium 2017 Watch the panels on YouTube:

2/23/17 – Networking Meeting

At our February Networking Meeting we introduced our new CEO, Ruth Cox, to the Prospect Silicon Valley Team. We had a great time discussing our grant funded projects, introducing new team members, and learning about the goals of ProspectSV! Check out our PDF Presentation here: Networking Meeting 02-23-2017




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