NOVA Video Connects Advanced Transportation Companies with Future Workforce

NOVA Video Connects Advanced Transportation Companies with Future Workforce

Seeking to fuel the growth of advanced vehicle and intelligent transportation companies in Silicon Valley, NOVA Workforce Development has released a video to encourage high school and college educators to prepare their students for careers in this rapidly expanding industry cluster.

Driving to the Future” features industry and educational leaders touting advanced transportation careers as intellectually stimulating, socially beneficial and accessible to the region’s high school and community college students. A new industry-themed website — — features access to the video, an industry analysis and the first of a series of “Faces & Voices” videos to inspire students to pursue advanced transportation educational and career opportunities.

“We believe every young person, regardless of background, should have the opportunity to contribute to this exciting and economically vital industry,” said NOVA Director Kris Stadelman.

Silicon Valley has emerged as the global hub of innovation in electric, self-driving and connected vehicles, and intelligent transportation systems. The region’s innovative culture and rich ecosystem of engineers, software developers and robotics specialists have nurtured the growth of companies like Tesla Motors and ChargePoint, Inc. and has attracted research and development facilities of most of the world’s automakers.

NOVA is a workforce development agency in Sunnyvale. Working in partnership with Prospect Silicon Valley, a San Jose-based clean energy and transportation innovation hub, NOVA has received grants from the California Workforce Development Board and the California Energy Commission to help build a sustainable pipeline connecting the industry with its future workforce.

NOVA and Prospect Silicon Valley debuted the video on August 1 at a workshop co-sponsored by Bank of America, designed to introduce middle school and high school students to new transportation applications and to the innovators behind those technologies.


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