People of Prospect – James Bell, Viking Cold Solutions

People of Prospect – James Bell, Viking Cold Solutions

James Bell is President and CEO of Viking Cold Solutions.

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 5.28.26 PMProspectSV: What’s your favorite thing about being the leader of a startup?

James: It’s the opportunity to take a concept or early stage company from its germination, or when it’s just ideas, a concept, a technology before a patent, and be able to develop that into a commercially viable technology and one that makes a huge difference in the world, like our technology does in efficiency. Here at Viking Cold Solutions, that’s what really attracted me and what’s been very exciting about being a growing company CEO.

ProspectSV: What excites you most about the technology your company has developed?

James: A whole lot of things, but to be specific, our technology in thermal energy storage can change the game in the way people manage their energy use. We are an efficiency technology, but we also provide temperature stability, backup power in the case of a loss in mechanical cooling or refrigeration, utility peak-load management, load shedding and shifting. One of the great things about this is reducing carbon footprints and we reduce spoilage and loss of product. There are so many benefits to the system and system can be used everywhere where there is a freezer or refrigeration – across the global cold chain, whether you’re talking about from the farm where you initially get fruits and vegetables, all the way over to the end user in a restaurant or at home. Our primary focus right now is in the cold storage and grocery store area, but the technology can apply to everything from domestic refrigerators and freezers, to convenience stores and restaurants, any place that there is a freezer or refrigerator, our technology can go.

ProspectSV: Who’s someone who inspires you?

James: There are so many different aspects of inspiration. Particularly from a leadership standpoint, I would have to say Thomas Edison is someone who I think of a great deal in this respect because one of the things that I always think about is the fact that he talked about how much of invention and coming up with something new is perspiration and not all inspiration. I have to continually remind my team and myself of that because every day we’re inventing new things here and coming up with new technologies – we filed eight patents in the last six months – and that’s super exciting, but it’s a lot of work. And sometimes that’s frustrating because of how many times you can take one step forward, but two steps back. So, I would say Thomas Edison inspires me with how many patents he filed and how he changed the world. I think Viking Cold has the ability to make that big a difference on the global cold chain. We’re going to take a sixty-to-seventy year-old industry and fast forward it into the 21st Century.


Viking Cold Logo (1)Viking Cold Solutions™ is an energy management company focused on making the world’s cold storage systems more efficient. The Viking Cold team has deep expertise in cold storage energy management, supermarket energy management, and thermal energy storage systems.

Viking Cold provides energy storage solutions that reduce operational costs and business risk for cold storage and supermarkets with high refrigeration-based energy loads. The company is expanding rapidly throughout the U.S. and internationally. Learn more at

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