People of Prospect – Jens Kotte, fka SV

People of Prospect – Jens Kotte, fka SV

Jens Kotte is CTO of fka SV – the company operating SimLab at ProspectSV. Jens is working towards his PhD in pedestrian safety at Aachen University.

ProspectSV: What got you into automotive engineering?

Jens: I’ve loved cars since I was a kid. I always saw the nice cars on the road and I wanted to be a part of it, to create the future of cars and to make them more safe – this is one of the biggest issues.

ProspectSV: What do you find most exciting about future vehicle technology?

Jens: The most important thing is to make cars safer. We have a lot of accidents still and I think if we use more computers in cars we can make them safer, if we do it the right way. We always have to consider the driver inside the car because that’s the main part. Driver experience and safety – we have to bring these together. With computers inside of cars, driving should also still be fun. We always love to drive cars and there is a lot of emotion connected to cars. In the future, when the car is able to take over in critical situations, we should still be able to drive the car on nice roads, and have fun driving. Even sports cars, in critical situations they should still be able to take over, for example, to protect pedestrians in a crosswalk where a driver doesn’t spot them.

ProspectSV: Who inspires you?

Jens: It is not a person, or a company, it’s the people who die on roads. I read about accidents and I always think that we have to make the future safer. This is my inspiration and I think with new technologies and ideas for example from this area, Silicon Valley, and from Germany we can do it.


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