People of Prospect – Wes Moyer, Founder/CTO, EASCOR

People of Prospect – Wes Moyer, Founder/CTO, EASCOR

ProspectSV: What is the reason that you wanted to create your technology and what led you to that?


Wes: I just liked the study of light and optics and the sun, and I hate dark rooms. So that’s just one of the reasons why I fell in love with it. Also, I was working in Phoenix, Arizona as an electrical contractor and I noticed that all this heat, I mean like literally 120 degrees is on the roof, and every single building in Phoenix is basically trying to fight the sun, so there’s all these blinds and curtains and everything. So I wanted to figure out a way to bring the sun, all this free light that’s hitting the rooftop, into the building. I built the daylight compression array and patented it first, and then tested it out and we’re able to bring light into buildings where there are no windows.

ProspectSV: What’s your favorite thing about being the leader of a startup?

Wes: My favorite is the freedom to think for yourself and have the ability to change quickly. In this day and age if you can’t change on the fly you’ll be dead in the water. A lot of companies, they’re stuck on one subject and they are trying to finish something and it takes too long and by the time they finish it, the new product’s out and they’re sitting there left in the dust. I came up with the slogan – to compete with creativity, not with greed. So, if somebody copies you, come out with the next new product that beats theirs.

ProspectSV:  If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?

Wes:  To live forever. So I can change the world, make everybody happy. I mean, I’m married with four kids. It’s a tough world to raise a family.

ProspectSV:  Who’s someone who inspires you?

Wes:  Oh, Nikola Tesla. Definitely. Steve Jobs, later on, through his perseverance, all the hardships he’d been through and struck through. Nikola Tesla is one of the other reasons why I’m interested in electrical because I started reading his books and was just fascinated with all that technology. I read almost all of his books and he’s just, he’s out there.


EASCOREASCOR manufacturers and markets unique and innovative off-grid patented hybrid lighting solutions. Their technology provides concentrated daylight to the interior of buildings without heat-gain, stores power for sundown and provides uniformed balanced superior light. The company’s patented technology achieves lower cost through system integration and innovative DC architecture design. The system can operate in an “off-grid” mode utilizing its smart battery technology design, as well as “on-grid” utilizing lower connectivity and controls. EASCOR’s products can be installed with 1/3 of material cost and less than a 1/3 of the time. They deliver a turnkey clean energy solution and can offer a combination of wind, lithium ion battery and solar controls. They currently light up office space, large retail, schools, government spaces and street lighting. EASCOR’s technology is efficient, maintenance free and offers a variety of options to suit customer’s needs.  Learn more about EASCOR at

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