In Case You Missed It – Zero Net Energy “Call For Innovators” update

In Case You Missed It – Zero Net Energy “Call For Innovators” update

In case you’ve missed it, we’ve been making continual progress on our InnovateNetZero and MarketZero projects! After our Fall 2016 “Call to Innovators,” reaching out for new energy efficiency technologies, we narrowed down the results based on product efficiency, technology readiness, ease of installation, and site applicability. On each project, we have selected between 5-8 finalists with compelling technologies for these projects.

Since choosing the finalists, we have been working with our design teams led by ARUP and RMW architects to implement the products into their initial designs.  To review our ZNE (Zero Net Energy) – Technology and Strategy Report, that details the entire process thus far, please click on the link below. Stay tuned for future blog posts that feature major updates of each project!

Progress Report Link Here: ZNE Technology and Strategy Report


InnovateNetZero Product Finalists:
Aeroseal: (latex sealant), International Wastewater Systems: Piranha (heat recovery system from wastewater), Lunos: e2 (ductless heat recovery ventilation unit), Ventacity: 1000 RT (heat recovery ventilation unit unit), N2: Plug Load Management (energy monitoring), Keewi: Plug Load Management (energy monitoring), HIVE Lighting: Wasp 100-C (high efficiency LED lights for theatrical applications), EndeF: ECOMESH (Solar PV+Thermal panels)

MarketZero Product Finalists:
Viking Cold Solutions: Phase Change Material Cells, Nelumbo: Ice-Nein™ (cooling efficiency), Software Motor Corp: Vulcan Motor (variable speed electric motor), Bosch: DC Microgrid Platform, Nextek Power Systems: Power Hub Driver

What does it mean to be ZNE?
Zero Net Energy means the amount of energy provided by on-site renewable energy sources is equal to the amount of energy used by the building.

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