People of Prospect – Charlie Joe, Project Coordinator Intern/Intern of Everything

People of Prospect – Charlie Joe, Project Coordinator Intern/Intern of Everything

image2This week, we say goodbye to Charlie Joe, our “Intern of Everything.” Charlie has been working with us since March, and we are so thankful for all the work he has done for us. Thank you, Charlie!

ProspectSV: What brought you to Prospect Silicon Valley?

Charlie: Participating in the government internship program between South Korea and the United States. I’m studying energy policy in the United States, and how the United States is dealing with renewable energy. My sponsor introduced me to Prospect Silicon Valley based on my interest with energy policy and technological relations.

ProspectSV: What got you interested in renewable energy and cleantech?

Charlie: My background is International Studies, and I studied international conflict and terrorism. I read a report on how climate change was related to terrorism, regarding oil, natural resources. Personally, when I stayed in China for four months, I realized they had a serious air pollution issue. When I came back to Korea I realized this was an issue that was spreading there as well. This is how I realized that we need to do something about renewable energy and climate change.

ProspectSV: What is one area you found the most interesting working at ProspectSV?

Charlie: I’m interested in the electric vehicles sector, and the program with Electric Vehicles (EV) fleets. I’ve been working with the EV fleet outreach program, and the BayCAP program. I’ve been learning how to adopt the EV programs to the Bay Area municipalities.

ProspectSV: What has been the most exciting place you’ve visited with ProspectSV?

Charlie: The most exciting probably had to be our Demo Center. We had our biggest event with the reveal of our ITS lab opening in April. There were a lot of people that came to make connections, from big companies, to municipalities, to startups. It was very interesting to see everyone there for one goal, and they’re making this one network.

ProspectSV: Has there been anyone that’s inspired you to do what you want to do?

Charlie: Our Executive Director, Doug Davenport, and Rafael, the Deputy Director, because the two of them are working together creating ecosystems for clean tech.  They’re pushing all these ideas, and creating something new for the Bay Area. I think it’s a really great idea to create a clean market for clean tech. I think it’s something Korea should adopt, to follow this logic that Silicon Valley is doing.

ProspectSV: What’s your plan after this?

Charlie: I’m planning on going back to Korea, and learn more about electric vehicle engineering.  I’m going to work for companies that work with electric vehicle engineering, like Hyundai. I’m planning to prepare myself for the electric vehicle market.

Posted by Hilary Davidson

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