Pioneer Program FAQs

What are the membership criteria for the Pioneer Program?
A: There are three criteria for membership: 1) must be a startup company, 2) developing cleantech products or services and 3) based in the US.

Q: How do you define “startup company?”
A: We define a startup company as having fewer than 50 employees, less than $50 million in equity funding raised, younger than 10 years old and privately held.

Q: How do you define “cleantech?”
A: For our purposes, cleantech products or services include, but are not limited to, electric or alternative fuel vehicles, connected vehicles, enabling technology for electric and connected vehicles, shared mobility, congestion management, technology for energy- or water-efficiency, energy storage, EV charging solutions, renewable energy, and enabling technologies for renewable energy.

Q: Can I pay for my membership on a monthly basis instead of pre-paid annually? I’d be willing to pay a premium for this privilege.
A: Because there are numerous fixed costs associated with member support, we are not able to offer a monthly payment option.

Q: What is your refund policy?
A: Sorry, we are not able to offer refunds.

Q: Can I pay with cash, check or electronic funds transfer?
A: At this time, we can only offer online payment via credit or debit card. We hope to make electronic funds transfer available in the future.

Q: How many events does ProspectSV hold each year?
A: ProspectSV typically organizes an annual “Innovation and Impact Symposium” that usually takes place in late spring and approximately one ecosystem-wide event each quarter. We also occasionally hold events that provide startups an opportunity to present their business pitches to investors. 

Q: What is considered a ProspectSV event?
A: A ProspectSV event is an event that is organized by ProspectSV, whether or not it takes place at ProspectSV facilities. It does not include events organized by other entities that may take place at ProspectSV facilities.

Q: When can I get my 1-hour consultation?
A: As soon as your membership is activated, upon receipt of payment, you can email and request your consultation. Our target is to get the phone/web meeting calendared within 3 business days but the actual date of the meeting may be a few weeks later, depending on mutual availability.

Q: Can I choose which ProspectSV staff person will provide my one-hour consultation?
A: We will do our best to match the phone consultant to your needs, but it may not always be possible to provide your first choice of consultant.

Q: If I don’t get one introduction in a calendar month, can I roll over my introduction requests to a future month?
A: No

Q: If I don’t use a conference room one month, can I roll over my meeting hours to a future month and hold a longer meeting or more meetings?
A: No, we cannot support rollovers of meeting room reservations.

Q: If I join at the end of a month, does that count as my first calendar month for purposes of introductions and conference room reservations?
A: You will get 12 calendar months of access, regardless of when you join during a month. For example, if you join at the end of January 2019 and choose to utilize the conference room or introductions in January 2019, then you will not have access to those services the following January 2020 when your membership ends.

Q: What if I want to convert to commercialization services?
A: If, during the term of your Pioneer membership, you wish to upgrade to our Vanguard program, you must apply to be considered for that program. Prepaid Pioneer membership fees prorated for any unused full months can be applied against your first month’s commercialization fees.

Q: Can I combine Pioneer Program membership with tenancy at the ProspectSV facilities?
A: Of course. If you are a current Pioneer Program member, just email us at and let us know your space requirements. If you are simultaneously applying for both the Pioneer Program and tenancy, simply let us know your requirements in the application form.

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