Proterra testimonial of Eascor’s lighting system

Proterra testimonial of Eascor’s lighting system

At an event late this summer, our clients and partners were demonstrating their technologies to representatives from a national network of clean energy business incubators. Proterra, the makers of all-electric, zero emission buses was a featured ProspectSV partner company at the event, and at the time, was in the process of building a new facility in the Bay Area. When Bobby Frost, Lead Sales Engineer for Proterra, saw Eascor’s off-grid patented hybrid lighting technology, Proterra immediately invited Eascor to bid on lighting for their new building. Within a week Eascor had a major order, a new customer and another location to showcase and market their technology. Click here to read Proterra’s review of Eascor’s technology.
Eascor’s Jesse Marquez and ProspectSV’s Doug Davenport pose under Eascor lighting fixtures at the grand opening of Proterra’s new facility in Burlingame.

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Posted by Pamela Crouch

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