Vijay Sammeta

Vijay Sammeta

Board Member

Vijay Sammeta is the Chief Executive Officer for Civic Foundry, a civic innovation and technology consulting firm focused on the advancement of smart cities. With over 25 years of experience driving innovation in the public, private and non-profit high tech sectors, Vijay is able to deliver best-of-breed solutions to his clients. Vijay was the recipient of the White House’s Smart America Challenge Award, and his other successes with smart cities have been widely recognized by many other leaders in the field including the Silicon Valley Leadership Group and Public Technology Institute.

Vijay is an advisor to a select group of high potential startups as well as larger, more established firms such Accenture Global 2000 customers through his work on the Accenture External Advisory Board. In addition, Vijay co-founded the Wireless Broadband Alliance Connected City Advisory Board which brings together public sector CIOs to share knowledge and develop a blueprint framework for building smart and connected communities. Vijay was also a founding member of the Cisco IoT World Forum Steering Committee and served on the board for more than 3 years.

Prior to his role at Civic Foundry, Vijay served as Chief Information Officer for the City of San Jose, overseeing and setting the strategic direction of technology investments for the nation’s 10th largest City and $3.2 billion Capital of Silicon Valley. He has also worked for notable Silicon Valley technology firms Hewlett-Packard and, as well as the fiercely competitive world of advertising.

Among his many notable projects, Vijay is credited with the rebirth of municipal wireless implementations, having built a first of its kind “next generation” community WiFi network serving residents, businesses, visitors and a city’s own operations with a single infrastructure. Vijay views infrastructure as more than simply supporting operations of a city; he views it as a platform for building sustainable business models that drive a strong local economy, enhance quality of life for residents and engages them is a more meaningful relationship within community.


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