ProspectSV works with industry and government innovators to launch smarter, cleaner solutions in energy, transportation and the built environment.

Prospect Silicon Valley (ProspectSV) is a nonprofit urbantech innovation hub focused on solutions for sustainable, smart cities. We bring government, corporations and academia together with startups, product teams and expert staff to accelerate innovations in transportation, energy and the built environment. We provide a full spectrum of commercialization support including market and technical insight, connections to partners and investors, pilot opportunities as well as access to a $12 million, 23,000 sq. ft. Technology Demonstration Center with working and industrial space, lab facilities and specialized equipment. In partnership with state and local governments, we demonstrate and scale leading edge solutions, resulting in the avoidance of nearly 150 million lbs. of CO2 in the coming decade. With projects in over 50 cities, leveraging over $50 million in funding and financing, and with more than 25 corporate sponsors, we are the only organization with the ability to both prove and apply solutions for next generation cities.

We support emerging technology companies to:

Connect to an ecosystem of innovators in technology, manufacturing, research and development, public administration, and design

Demonstrate in commercial and municipal scale settings for field trials and pilot projects, reducing risk and proving market viability

Commercialize with support assistance from qualified experts, and showcase innovations at the ProspectSV Technology Demonstration Center